• Are you trading in Rice, Sugar, Sunflower oil, Frozen chicken parts, Meat, Flour, Maize, Palm oil, Tiger nut flower, Construction materials, Oil & Gas and Precious metals? We got you covered. You only need to take the first step by letting us have your complete requirements and we'll do the rest for you.
  • Negotiate favourable terms for our clients: Do you have a buyer or seller in merchandise trading and you are not sure of how to conclude on the deal? We have your back to negotiate for you and help close the deal.






  • We find the most suitable suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and service providers for your given set of products or services based on your requirements. Our sourcing covers areas such as agri-products, energy resources, precious metals, banking instruments, joint venture partnerships and investment opportunities. Trust us to source for you contract farmers for your agri products, mine owners for your supply and partnership, oil & gas destributors and manufacturers for your reliable and quality products. Let us have your requirements for a tailored solution to help with your business growth.


  • Trade finance: LC, SBLC, Bank guarantees, Tender Bonds, Ready Willing Able, Proof of Funds, Block Funds,Comfort Letters, Pre-Advice.
  • Investment Advisory: If you are looking to invest, or you need investors in Mining, Energy, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Education, EREGTE Group will have you connected with the right sources and partners for your business.
  • Marketing & Lead generation: We help you expand your market to different parts of the world through lead generation, strategic partnership, liaison and referals. We are committed to helping you take your business to the next level.